JW Logo Intro Sequence

Created in After Effects CS5.5 using Plexus, Optical Flares, and Trapcode Shine.

Backstage Production Intro Sequence

Intro sequence created for Backstage Productions using Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut.

Smarter Insurance Brochure

A printed brochure done for IBM Canada about Smarter Insurance in Canada.

IBM Centennial Installation

Structure 1

This is an installation set made for IBM's 100th anniversary celebration at the IBM Canada Headquarters. It is composed of 3 rectangular structures, each one portraying different parts of IBM's history over the past century.

Point of Contact - TV Spot

Communicating and illustrating one of the most common points of contact where flu viruses can be transmitted.

Canadian Public Health Assocation | Corporate Manual

This fictitious project was redesigning the corporate identity of the Canadian Public Health Association. It includes an extensive styleguide along with the redesigned logo and elements.

The Fifth Element

An experiment with a mix of different typefaces and swashes to create a custom phrase.
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and the Fifth Element.

Photographic Footprint Infographic

This infographic shows the amount of photographs taken over the course of several years reflected in hard drive space. It is interesting for me to see which months I had taken more photographs because I can correlate certain times of my life -- my photographic journey.

Love Love Love

An experiment with visualizing the embodying characteristics of the word, "Love." The primary image bleeds, is dreamlike, messy, fuzzy, sharp, is well lit, but with light comes shadows.
Medium: Hatchet on Drywall

Point of Contact

What is it? This project is a campaign for mitigating the risks of influenza transmission through heightened hygiene and also through encouraging higher rates of immunization.